Dolphin Rubber is specializes in the design and manufacture of custom molded rubber and plastic products for our OEM customers worldwide. From concept to finished molded component, our team of knowledgeable professionals works to ensure excellence in the product we deliver to our customers

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Rubber moulded components

Rubber Bellows

Rubber Bellows are often used when continuous flow of water coolant with continuous movement of the machine is required.

Rubber Bellows are used as dust covers for protecting high precision parts. Rubber Bellows are specialized products and Rubber Bellows requires meeting stringent manufacturing standards. Manufactured using different types of Synthetic and Natural Polymers like Rubber Bellows are made according to end use requirement. Rubber Bellows have various applications and most rubber bellows are custom specific.

Rubber moulded components

We manufacture high quality Rubber moulded components for various application. Rubber moulded components that meet International standards and are made from high quality rubber polymers. Our rubber moulded components cater to a wide spectrum of Industries for specific end users. Rubber moulded components are used in all types of Industries from Petrochemical, cement, fertilizers, Glass to even rubber moulded components in marine applications. Most Rubber moulded components are custom specific.

Rubber Bushes

Rubber Bushes are used as a type of vibrator isolator. Rubber bushes provide interface between two parts dampening the energy transmitted from bushing. Rubber Bushes separates the faces of two metal objects still permitting movement. Rubber Bushes help minimize transmission noise and with Rubber Bushes you can cut vibration.

Rubber Washers-Rubber Gaskets

Rubber Washers are used as spacers between mechanical parts. We manufacture these washers with precession in Natural and other synthetic rubbers based on customers drawings and specifications. Rubber washes are generally used mostly in automotive applications and Rubber gaskets are used mostly in electrical Industries and more precisely in transformer manufacturing Industries for leak arresting.

RUBBER”O” RINGS- Rubber’s” Rings are most critical components in all kinds of manufacturing sector. We manufacture “O” rings using

NR,SBR,VITON, Silicon ,Nitride, Neoprene , EPDM and HNBR materials.Dolphin Rubber is one of the leading rubber products manufacturers, We can make various rubber products according to your drawing and design.

Custom Moulded Rubber Parts

1. Material: EPDM, NBR, SBR ,NR, Silicon,etc.
2. Hardness: 30-90 Shore
3. Temperature range: -40 to 230 degree Celsius
4. Performance: With good sealing, water resistance, oil resistance, anti-aging, insulation, nontoxic, tasteless, etc
5. Used in ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers and freezers
6. Specification: Made as per your drawings or samples. Advantage: Cools quickly and easy to clean Non-stick, flexible and easy to handle
7. Packing: PP bay +Carton Box, other special packing according to your design and artwork. 8. Samples Lead time: Within two weeks
9. Mass production Lead time: According to the QTY

Utilizing injection, compression and transfer molding methods, Moulding Solutions rubber products span several ranges: size, material, color and construction. Tiny grommets, huge bellows and liners for valves of a variety of sizes. From minuscule rings, to parts weighed by the pound, and production of an equally wide variety of raw materials: Nitrile, Viton , Silicones, Aflas Butyl rubber, Natural rubber, Neoprene and others - all in varying degrees of hardness, and several in an array of colours. Materials are available to meet environmental extremes or for food, dairy or medical applications. For critical applications, fleshless moulding technologies are available.

Rubber Mouldings

All of our moulded rubber products are the result of our customers' exact requirements. Whether you require a compression or transfer injection moulding, we are happy to quote. Our services are from the drawing board to manufacture of your moulded rubber component.

Dolphin Rubber currently produces over 3300 different moulded rubber product lines. We are able to mould components in a very wild range of rubbers and silicones including fluorocarbon and fluorosilicate. For a full list of rubber moulding materials please visit the materials page and view 'Materials for Rubber Moulding'.

Dolphin Rubber is investing heavily in rubber moulding technology during 2010. The investment in vacuum technology within the rubber moulding process will drive Dolphin Rubber towards zero defect manufacture. This investment will help to keep moulding costs low, with savings being passed to our customers... who wants to pay for waste? Dolphin Rubber are able to mould rubber items from 0.1 grams to 5kg using single or multi cavity tooling depending on the requirements of the job.

O-Rings and O-Section Gaskets

Custom O-rings and non-standard O-rings to your specification, we can produce O rings and O section seals and gaskets with a cross section of down to 0.5 mm with a .02mm tolerance (with selected materials). We can manufacture non-standard O-rings and seals in a range of materials, colours and shore harnesses. Please phone to state your requirements. Using our in-house Cryogenic trimming technology and network of laser welding and tool polishers, we can supply seamless O ring sections for when the seal is critical. Examples: Formula 1 O-section head gaskets, discontinued standard O rings, specific material O rings.


Pressed Gaskets, Moulded Gaskets, laser cut, water cut, stamped or fabricated Gaskets, Dolphin Rubber can supply and manufacture custom gaskets in a wide range of spec materials, as well as all stocked rubbers, sponges, plastic foams, paper, card, corks and leathers. We can manufacture self-adhesive backed gaskets using a range of glues including 3M transfer films.
Dolphin Rubber offers a fast gasket service with rapid tooling at very competitive rates. Our in-house gasket pressing machines and rubber moulding capabilities mean you get a rapid service. We are able to cut gaskets in high and low volumes including one-off gaskets using a range of machines.

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