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PU to Metal bond

Description/ Specification of PU Wheels (Metal Core)

These wheels are used in various industries especially for material handling purposes. PU Wheels (Metal Core), which are also known as press on wheels. These wheels offer a smooth ride over rough surfaces. Our range of wheels is bonded to high impact metal core, which is capable of removing bond separation arising owing to wet conditions. Our precision engineered Polyurethane Wheels can customized according to clients' specific requirements.

Bonding to Metal and Plastic Inserts

A key advantage of cast polyurethane is its ability to be easily bonded to other materials, such as many types of metal, composites, and to both reinforced and unreinforced plastics. These other components, commonly called inserts, can include bearings, wheel hubs, threaded fasteners, injection moulded parts, G10 laminates, castings, etc. The bond is incredibly strong, exceeding in most cases the high tear strength of the bonded polyurethane.

We also can successfully bond some thermoplastics to metals or other thermoplastics.

Polyurethane bonds incredibly well to other materials, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both materials. One stop Solution for All type Rubber, Plastic & Alloy. Development your require and your drawing or specification.

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