Dolphin Rubber is specializes in the design and manufacture of custom molded rubber and plastic products for our OEM customers worldwide. From concept to finished molded component, our team of knowledgeable professionals works to ensure excellence in the product we deliver to our customers

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Engine Mounting Rubber Pad

Engine Mountings that we manufacture are used in areas where high shock resistance is required. They perform well because of some of their important features like great compressive strength and lower stiffness. These are easy to install.


These are heavy duty mountings for high vertical static and shock loads in compression, whilst at the same time providing high isolation values in the horizontal shear direction. These types of mountings consists of a cylindrical shaped rubber section with integrally bonded interleaf metal plates which is bonded to two square heavy duty outer metal fixing plates. It has been designed for large compressive thrust forces with minimum deformation, whilst providing low shear stiffness rates. The combination of a stable low installation height, high compressive strength and low shear stiffness makes the product a versatile high performance ant vibration mounting easy to install.

Automotive, Industrial, Railways, Construction & Bridges

Engine Mounting


Transfer Moulding

Bond Test, Endurance Test, Fatigue Test

Automotive, Industrial & Machinery

Flexible Mounting


Transfer or Compression

Separation Test, Flex Test


Cab Mounting


Transfer or Compression

Bond Test

Automotive, Defence, Industrial, Railway, Construction & Bridges

Sandwich Mounting


Transfer Moulding

Endurance Test, Flex Test, Bond Test

Automotive , Defence, Industrial, Railway, Construction & Bridges

Anti Vibration Mounting


Injection Moulding

Endurance Test, Flex Test, Bond Test, Fatigue Test

Automotive & Railways

Body Mounting


Transfer or Compression

Bond Test


Suspension Bushes

These Silent Block Bushes are used for the purpose of shock absorbance. You can choose from various options available with us. Silent Block Bushes that we manufacture are highly durable. In these types of bushes the rubber NR used is of high quality & is securely bonded between inner & outer metal to give maximum axial, radial & tortional stiffness. These are manufactured in injection type of moulding machines. The dimensions of the metal parts are controlled by grinding process. To get maximum bonding strength the metal parts are chemically treated PHOSPHATISED before adhesive application.


Product consists of two concentric sleeves with rubber securely bonded between them. Designed to take up tortsional movements and axial and radial loads. The rubber is pre stressed to give maximum dynamic strength and durability.
-The bonded rubber takes up the full movement. -Lubrication or other bearing maintenance is not required. -The sleeves also have excellent sound and vibration isolation capacity, which makes structures, fitted both silent and vibration free.


Product used to solve bearing problems in vibrating, oscillating constructions. Linkage systems in:
Cars Railway carriages Tractors Trucks Agricultural Machinery Bulldozers Vibratory screens

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