Dolphin Rubber is specializes in the design and manufacture of custom molded rubber and plastic products for our OEM customers worldwide. From concept to finished molded component, our team of knowledgeable professionals works to ensure excellence in the product we deliver to our customers

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Our R & D

Once a final design concept has been chosen, Development begins. During Development, Catalyst’s Mechanical Designers create 3D CAD models as quickly as possible to analyze mechanical & structural functionality and to refine details. Development also allows for the assembly of the components in a virtual (computer generated) model to verify fit, tolerances & interferences. Bench models & first generation prototypes are often produced at this stage.

At Catalyst, Mechanical Design is considered another creative process & our engineers push the design even further. The Mechanical Designers study how the product will be used & the ideal design for manufacturing. Using virtual prototypes & simulations, designers can accurately predict problems & discover enhancements at an early stage, when changes are still fast & inexpensive.

New Product Development

Dolphin Rubber is a leader in developing and manufacturing thermoplastic parts , Rubber and Alloy’s parts products. We will develop your concept into a finished product that is strong, attractive and functional at a price you can afford. We choose our materials from 26 families of plastics that, in turn, contain upwards of 20,000 sub-types and variations. This is quality material with the strength and lightness of high-grade aluminum! We work with you at every step: design and engineering, prototype and model-making, building the aluminum or steel mold that will form the product, plastic injection moulding, vacuum metalizing and coating, and final inspection and delivery.

The process works like this

• Design and Engineering

We use CAD and CAM software to transform rough concepts into solid-model virtual prototypes. We analyze the design from all angles and perfect it. Our computers are networked to communicate data and information via high-speed Internet. Clients and vendors are kept informed at every step, including cost estimates.

• Prototypes and Model Making

There are a variety of methods to make the prototype model. This is a real-life working model that demonstrates the size, shape & cosmetics of proposed part. These models are highly finished representations that can be used to introduce part or product to prospective buyers.

• Making the mould

Once a design model is finalized, the CAD/CAM software is interfaced with CNC machines to build an aluminium or steel mould built to the highest industry standards.

• Instant or Fast-Track Moulds

Today's economy requires cutting costs and enhancing delivery wherever possible. CQM's instant moulds streamline production by putting emphasis on good design and engineering up front, and on the use of "virtual" tooling and temporary moulds. This reduces the bottleneck that can occur when building traditional moulds. The result is fewer dollars spent on production, which leaves more dollars for the finished product!

• Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic Injection Moulding is CQM's specialty. Our presses can mould a variety of parts. By continually training staff and updating equipment, we remain on the cutting edge of the latest advances in polymer technology and moulding practices.

• Vacuum Metalizing and Coatings

Vacuum metalizing involves applying a thin metal coating to the surface of a moulded plastic part. These coatings may be decorative or functional. Either way, CQM's VM line can apply metal coatings in an environmentally safe and friendly manner.

This is an overview. Other links discuss these production steps in more detail & list our equipment. We should mention our new Class 100 clean room. This 30-by-40-foot clean room exceeds the requirements for medical & general coatings manufacturing. It is a soft-sided work cell where we locate equipment for specific manufacturing projects such as custom parts & products for medical industry following FDA Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

New product development requires technology that performs efficiently and cost-effectively. Currently, we are the only custom shop in the Western U.S. that provides plastic injection moulding & vacuum metalizing in one process, thus minimizing variables & contaminants. We offer our clients the lightest, strongest, most-efficient, high-quality products for lowest cost.


CQM follows quality-control procedures which adhere to industry & governmental standards throughout the world. These standards will ensure the integrity & reliability of your product.


Customer satisfaction is a core value at CQM. You are more than a customer, we consider you a partner. The relationships we establish are built on integrity, trust and respect. We sincerely believe the customer comes first.

Our technical services include the following

  • Plastic part design.
  • Conversion of CAD files.
  • CAM programming.
  • CNC machining.
  • EDM die sinking.
  • Plastic injection mould-making.
  • Instant tooling or phantom tooling.
  • Construction of jigs and fixtures.
  • Plastic injection moulding (thermoplastic).
  • Liquid injection moulding (thermal-setting silicone).
  • Over-moulding or insert moulding.
  • Ultra-sonic moulding and inserting.
  • Thermal-staking and inserting.
  • Silk-screen printing (sub-contracted).
  • Pad printing.
  • Hot stamping.
  • Vacuum Metalizing and Coatings (cosmetic and functional).
  • RFI and EMI shielding coatings.
  • Post-mould fixtures.
  • Ultra-sonic welding.
  • Spin welding.
  • Heat swaging.
  • Packaging and boxing.
  • Vacuum forming (basic VF).
  • Various assembly processes.
  • Quality control processes
  • All type Rubber moulding
  • All type Alloy parts making
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