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Neno Technology Tiles Polishing Tools

Double Charge Polishing Process

Nano technology (Double Charge) is a name synonymous with high gloss (95%) & reflection value for more exclusive appearance. The nanotechnology polished tools of full polished, mirror finish, ‘Nano technology’ polishing tools available full range the first time in India. Nano technology works on a very interesting principle. To penetrate micro pores on the surface tile facets are encrusted with nano-sized ceramic particles assisting suitable suspension agents, cohered & applied under extreme high pressures with imported machinery. The result facilitates the gaining of additional glossiness (approx. 89% as against 70% for ordinary tiles) & shine, which sustains & protects the surfaces of the tiles. Such a technology makes room to the qualities like skid resistance, durability, stain resistance & easy maintenance.

These qualities are imperative in enduring the beauty of tiles & are much preferred over other materials because of the easy maintenance. They save time & energy as well as the cost, which are the key elements in maintaining spaces. They also maintain health & hygiene through blocking dirt particles & other harmful agents & disallowing microbes to flourish. Nano technology has everything to do with micro scale measured in nano meters (one billionth of a meter). It is said that nano meter is anything below 1000th of a width of a human hair. As a result, even the tiniest dust particles cannot penetrate the sealed micro pores at the surface facilitating the speeding in cleaning process blocking dirt, food particles & other harmful agents.

These tiles are produced by a sophisticated technology known as “DOUBLE CHARGED”. Felt polishing tools are using to obtain the typical appearance of a natural marble or granite. The double-charging polishing process is rendered by super imposing a layer of micronized polished , which after pressing, firing & eventual polishing, an aesthetic effect of a natural marble or granite is evolved to a layer of the basic tile body. These Nanotechnology polishing tools are available in all type Polished finishes.

Double - Charged Polishing Tools

News, Tips and Useful information on ceramic industry, How to useful Nanotechnology? - Double charge polished process in available tools full range from Dolphin Rubber.

Because of stiff competition from international forces & customers demanding more sophisticated products, Indian ceramic companies has started to offer value added features in ceramic products they manufacture. One such improvement is Nano Polished vitrified tiles.

What is Nano polished vitrified tiles?

Nano polish is based on Chemical-Nanotechnology, the specially formulated product contains Functional Nano Particles that are specially linked into a Silicon Matrix in a Solvent Base. Such self-organizing Nano components will form an invisible layer on the surface of vitrified tiles which will have excellent water/dust repellent & anti-bacterial properties.

So what are the benefits of nano coating over vitrified tiles?

The floor surface is more prone to get spoiled by ink, food items, tea, coffee, liquor, other liquids or dirt. Nano coating is ideal to solve this problem. Nano coated tile’s surface becomes water repellant and thus it do not easily absorb the stain. In short nano coating retains the quality of the surface even after long time.

Apart from this, nano coated vitrified tiles are also easy to clean and possess anti-bacterial properties. Thus even when you are paying little higher for nano vitrified tiles it saves the costs of cleaning the surface and thus it pays-off!

Which companies make nano polished vitrified tiles?

After checking samples of nano polished vitrified tiles of several Indian companies we recommend you the nano vitrified tiles by Simpolo Ceramic, Varmora & Asian tiles. nano polished vitrified tiles has the widest range biggest ceramic company India.

How to check a genuine nano coated vitrified tiles?

When choosing nano tiles from other manufacturers you may check the performance by pouring some water on the coated tiles. If properly coated, the water should form droplets and roll-off from the surface. This is not enough as this effect can also done by Appling cheap nano coating material (or even by wax!!).
So bring a permanent marker with you when you go to choose tiles. Mark the surface with the permanent marker and after few seconds try to remove it simply by water. If the stain removes without much efforts it is surely a genuine nano coated tiles.

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