Dolphin Rubber is specializes in the design and manufacture of custom molded rubber and plastic products for our OEM customers worldwide. From concept to finished molded component, our team of knowledgeable professionals works to ensure excellence in the product we deliver to our customers

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Plastic Products - Plastic Injection Moulding

The Dolphin Rubber is a leading Plastic Injection Moulding company specialising in Plastic Moulding and Injection Moulding offering a broad range of services to the Plastic Industry. With our experienced plastic moulding team of designers, tool makers & injection moulding engineers we can take your idea from something as simple as a sketch and plan a project to deliver a finalised working product.

Specialist Plastic Injection Moulding Service

During our plastic injection moulding process, our designers utilise the latest 3D Solid Modelling CAD systems to create a conceptual design, produce a working prototype, manufacture a production injection moulding tool, mould the plastic parts on one of our many plastic injection moulding machines and finally finish the product in our assembly and packaging department.

Enabling the Dolphin Rubber to carry out your plastic moulding requirements we employ the very best mould tool makers to make us one of the best Injection Moulding Companies!

Plastic Injection Moulding

As part of theDolphin Rubber, Ashford Mouldings are plastic injection moulding specialists. With our experienced mould tool makers and setters we can achieve optimum product output in a minimum of time using a variety of plastic injection moulding solutions such as twin shot moulding (2 shot moulding).

Your product is injection moulded to your specifications and put through our injection moulding quality inspection department to guarantee accuracy and quality at all times – we pride ourselves on being one of the best injection moulding companies in the India.

We have a large moulding shop with a range of fully automated machinery, from 22 to 530 ton, which includes insert moulding, pick and place robot arm and conveyor belts to enable continuous plastic injection moulding production runs. We can accommodate prototype mould tooling and 2 colour moulding on our 225 ton plastic injection moulding machine. The 530 ton machine enables us to mould a very wide range of plastic products on a large scale. There is capacity for short, medium and large batch continuous runs.

Plastic Tooling and Mould Tooling

Dolphin Rubber offers the very best in Plastic Tooling by producing high quality injection tools which are built to last in our tooling facility. We specialise in the manufacture of plastic injection/die-cast tooling and twin-shot injection tooling!

As part of the offer a complete tool makers solution to all of your plastic injection tooling needs, including - • Product Design • Tool Design • Prototype Tooling • Plastic and Die Cast Injection Tooling • Twin-shot Tooling • Tool Repairs • Jigs and Fixtures

Plastic Tooling Specialities

During our plastic tooling projects we work closely with our tooling customers to find the most cost effective solution for your needs. We can provide low cost prototype tooling or produce prototype models: stereo lithography models, vac castings, rim mouldings or a simple 3D resin model. Each tool manufactured in our tooling facility will achieve the optimum in product output and component quality necessary for final assembly.

Dolphin Rubber was formed in 1998 as specialists in the manufacture of plastic injection tooling and die-cast tooling. We have a strong tradition of ongoing investment in both people and technology. Many of our injection tooling trainees have become skilled tool makers and mould machinists, the majority of employees having over 14 years service. Our continued investment in tooling machinery and computer technology gives us a strong advantage in the plastic injection tooling market making one of the best injection moulding companies around.

Auto Parts Injection Moulding

We are professional plastic injection moulding auto parts manufacturer in China, major products are: ABS auto lampshade, safety belt clip, instrument panel, plastic door handle, plastic ashtray and other related top quality plastic auto components.

EIFS Washers/Fasteners

OEM Small Components

Plastic injection moulded components are widely used around the world for different purposes in many industries like: plastic screws for construction, plastic gears for mechanical industry, plastic washers for electronic product and plastic bargaining chip for entertainment. Welcome to contact us for your custom design plastic parts production, we offer best low price and top quality from China factory.

Challenges transformed into solutions

We are passionate about product development and can’t wait to hear about your opportunity. Initial consultations, project proposals, and tooling quotes are always free, so contact our product design team using the online form or call us at +91 265 2831299

Custom Plastic Moulding

Moulding Solutions has the capability of manufacturing many types of injection moulded plastic products. The niche in which Moulding Solutions has excelled is in those special plastic products that demand special attention or unusual techniques to mould.
An example of special processes are products in "rubber-like" materials (TPR, TPE or TPU materials). Common injection moulding technology assumes a rigid product, so these materials require special techniques to mould effectively.
Other plastic products that we have successfully manufactured involved special cooling fixtures, ultrasonic welding, unusual process controls or secondary operations.

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