Dolphin Rubber is specializes in the design and manufacture of custom molded rubber and plastic products for our OEM customers worldwide. From concept to finished molded component, our team of knowledgeable professionals works to ensure excellence in the product we deliver to our customers

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Foam and Sponge

Extrusion Sponge

H section, P section, square section, silicone, sponge, coloured, ribbed or reinforced. We can supply extrusion to your needs. We have a number of standard product lines, but are very happy to talk about custom sections, material specs and die-cuttings. Dolphin rubber is very keen to supply you with correct product. We can tailor your section to your needs whether you need: colour-matching, heat, flame or steam resistance, food quality grade, tight tolerances or an extrusion that will work in either high & low temperature, please contact us.


Moulded, sheet, extrusion, stamped, punched or fabricated, we have a lot of experience with this material. Recent investment in new machinery has made sponge seal and gasket cutting one of our most exciting product lines. With added advantage of PSA (self-adhesive) backed sponge products, customers have been able to use this type of material in a new manner of ways. For example, self-adhesive sponge seals fixed to aircraft, where the seals do not drop out as the lower housings are removed, making them, "A damn sight easier to fit, replace and work with as you don't need three hands". Examples: Sponge window seals, Silicone sponge compression seals, Slow return memory sponge, Protective sponge housings.

Rubber and Sponge Fabrications

Dolphin Rubber supply many custom fabrications for a range of different applications using a number of materials. Fabrications offer great product flexibility with low jig and tooling costs in comparison with injection tooling. Fabrications can provide fast turn around and short lead times on low too medium batch runs and is often used as an alternative to rapid tooling and prototyping. Fabricating extrusion to make compression set seals is one of Dolphin Rubber's largest and longest running product capabilities. Please enquire if you need your extrusions fabricated into the final component.

Sponge and Foam

Insulated Foam

We have in store for our clients superior quality Insulated Foam, which is considered to be the latest product in sponge material. Our range comes in 25mm thick and 50mm thick sheet and widely acclaimed for its long life and easy handling. We make certain that our range is manufactured as per the requisite norms of the industry.

Acoustic Foam

Foam by the UK's largest independent foam converter In today’s world reducing the level of sound or noise to an acceptable and stress-free level in our working and leisure environment is becoming a big issue. Open-cell foam acoustic foam has generally excellent noise and sound absorption characteristics, so we have developed a wide range of acoustic foam products suitable for the following markets.

Air Filter Foam Water Filter Foam

our extensive range of reticulated filter foams have been developed to meet the highest of standards. All filtration foams are polyurethane based with either a polyester or polyether polyol, we are confident we have most diverse range of filter foams available in the world

Ink Jet Cartridge Foam

For ongoing progress, the challenges of the future must be met in good time. From tomorrow’s needs, we derive today’s innovations. Thanks to this, our range of ink jet cartridge foam, already meets these challenges – incomparable colour quality and optimal print resolution with highest possible printing speeds. The development of our ink jet cartridge foam is the key to the future. That is why we continuously invest in improving well-tried formulations, for even higher foam quality. The result is unsurpassed purity, durability, homogenity and ink compatability. For you, this means an ongoing improvement, both for your high-end and standard products.

Presentation Packaging Foam

Years of experience in the design and manufacture of packaging foam solutions for a vast range of applications, ideally places us to provide cost effective, high quality presentation packaging foam. From visual display packs to singular use products, our range of packaging foam products and fast manufacturing process can turn your ideas into reality. As well as plain polyurethane foam and polyethylene foam (such as Plastazote), an ever increasing range of laminates can be applied to help your products stand out, or simply match your corporate colour scheme. We have many years experience of designing and producing foam inserts for high quality case manufacturers,as well as supplying closed cell foam sheets to Flight Case manufacturers. For the disposable market a range of low cost packaging foam, such as profiled polyurethane, jiffycell, and reconstituted chipfoams are available to provide extra protection for your finished products whilst in transit.

Thermal Insulation Foam Heat Insulation Foam

We are able to offer yourselves a wide range of thermal heat insulation foam products. Predominantly Polyethylene foam and PVC Nitrile based, which are closed cell foams, hence their superb heat absorbency capabilities. These thermal foams can be supplied in rolls, sheets and tubes, with or without high temperature self-adhesive backing, and even with foil facing to provide extra heat resistance.

Paint Roller Foam

Our range of products includes a selection of foam products developed specifically for the paint roller market. The demands of this market are extremely high, since only pure foam with a high porosity will guarantee a constant uniform dispersal of paint. These foams offer high tensile strength, a consistently regular surface finish which provides long term stability.

Consumer Sponges

We produce sponge foam for a huge variety of consumer applications, such as:
1. Household cleaning sponges
2. Bathroom cleaning sponges
3. Car cleaning sponges
4. Particular attention is paid to important features such as absorption capacity, wipe characteristics and tear resistance.
Product appearance is also very important, such as special pore structuring and colouring, we even produce a range of marble effect sponge foam. We have recently developed a soap impregnated sponge foam, which is of particular interest to our retail customers.

Making for Foam sheet Machine process

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